In the adult world, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and obviously you cannot change other peoples mind in a day or that telling you what i think is “better” than what you think will ever work, and it goes both ways. Afterall, my blog is about my passion for fashion and also to help women gain their confidence from within. They can co-exist but also are independent topics of one’s insterest.

Body Diversity


There are always much noise angling on body images
and related campaigns simply because we focus so much on visual stimulants nowadays. While I understand hearing different voices can
help improve a society or culture, I also feel that many are only just
using the exposure to promote their own ideas by bashing on others. I am definitely not trying to wow anybody
with explicit images or very outspoken languages to creat that XYZ
factor for it to go viral, which is very much the case in the
gigantic internet atmosphere.


I chant on my own ideas of course, otherwise I wouldn’t blog, by writing things I have feelings towards and sharing
my opinions, it’s a way to express myself. I really don’t care if not many people are reading it.

However, can I talk about fashion without labelling a size, even if all clothing comes in all sizes? Certainly not. As fabric drapes differently on different curves and lines which create different visual effects, I need to address my size so people with similarity can relate. I am also a human being who longs to be in a community with likeminded people! And, when I talk about clothing options for me or other girls, it doesn’t mean I am promoting certain bodytypes or promoting chronicle diseases/eating disorders or think being obese is okay.

Understanding that everyone is different and having a diversity is really the key.

Freedom of speech

I feel that when you read the comments online, people just keep repeating themselves like broken records over the same topic and they don’t stop, and all the heating arguments just read the same, but actually people are just supporting their own interpretation on something that has different context from each other even though it seems that we are talking about the same thing, just because they co-exist. Some tries hard to prove that what they say over rules the others, and often project their mix feelings onto something which could be just very simple, even 1 dimensional category like clothing, it really drives me crazy.

I hope more people will understand when they try to
argue about stuff – don’t interlink different topics to create your
version of argument! If it is out of context, then it is not be
valid, also there is no one side of the story which represents the whole, so you already lose tring to argue. Afterall, how much time are we going to waste on writing/ reading mostly confusing interpretations on the comment section?

Causes of Obesity

A lot of the people thinks that there should not be plus size clothing/ plus size models because we are promoting obesity. Here, they are mixing two things up again.

Obesity will not stop happening if people don’t know how to eat right, it will not stop happening if we don’t exercise and overeat at the same time. Just like drugs and any other addictions, they will not vanish just because it’s illegal. It’s human nature that there will be desires, temptations, ignorance or lack of education/knowledge about certain things that are not good for us but are also source of stimulation. These are society problems. It also goes deeper than just simple addictions often of how one’s upbringing affect their attitude, personalities and values.

Obesity is an on going issue that needs to be addressed by teaching
people since young the nutrition value in foods – we must prevent it
happening instead of saying it will stop if what exists is vanished overnight. The government has the responsibility to
put this topic in the
school system, to influence how the society eats and move.

Plus size Fashion 


Plus size fashion needs to grow because people need to have choices.
Just because one doesn’t know how or having health issues that makes it hard to lose weight, doesn’t mean one cannot dress nice. So if there are demands, there will be supplies, it’s also fair enough that there are so many plus size brands nowadays all trying to get a piece of that cake. I remember when I was young, I can never find nice things to wear, but that didn’t help me lose weight! Indeed, it made me feel bad about myself and I didn’t know how to get out of that state of mind, at some point lead to food binge and then anorexia trying to get an answer to being happy, obviously none of it helped.

It would be silly to say banning plus size clothing is the ultimate answer because if no one makes fashionable clothes for fat people, then it will help the decline of obesity rate? Again, pointed out that these are separate issues above in the cause of obesity. People want to have choices; they want to do things that make them feel good, benefits themselves and business expansion is inevitable.
That’s that. We also want beautiful clothes to wear out, to go on dates, to go to the gym, to go on holidays. I don’t want to feel miserable and become a hermit that has no confidence, I want to live my life to the fulness!

Everyone deserves to live a life no matter how they look or what their abilities are to self-improve.

Beauty and Health from within

Having more clothing options in the last few years didn’t change me. In fact, I have only started to gain more confidence through out the year when I have learned to finally stopped caring about what other people thinks, when I stop comparing myself to others, and when I stopped listening to the opinions that I am worthless just because I am fat.

When I have finally blanked out the noises and start to listen to my own mind speaks instead, it is when the magic happens – I started to also care more about my health, eat right and be active. I learned a lot about calculating calories when I had eating disorder but I didn’t learn about the vitamins and minerals in each food category, now I am learning and it benefits me really well, which gives me great skin and a faster metabolism rate.

Also with the help of positive movement like #honormycurves it also leads me to believing that I have the same right as everyone else; as a fat person, I can also try to achieve the things I want, instead of telling myself I cannot.

Although there are certain group of people out there misinterpret that eating disorder is
ok, perhaps just small group of people in the beginning, but because of internet, it influences a
lot of young people whom have no clue but only wanting to relate, to really think they can treat their body irresponsibly with no consequence, which ultimately endangers their own health, I don’t agree. Same goes the the other end, some people goes to extreme distance to shame them I also don’t agree. Is it the best method to provoke thoughts? I am not sure, because if it worked then it already did.

To me, these words are not related because they are not in the same context, therefore, fat ≠ lazy, fat ≠ worthless, fat ≠ disgusting and unwanted, you define yourself of who you want to become.

On the other hand, if a person is naturally slim, don’t tell them to eat a cheese burger. The fact is you don’t know what’s going on in others life, so your opinion is best kept to yourself, and that’s my opinion.

Having a positive mindset is not easy if you didn’t start it right, this has a lot to do on how you grow up and having which kind of influences around you or how much you know about a topic. So in the end, You are the only person that can help you overcome your fear and your own issues. Looking for the right supports is also crucial, and one must have a clear mind to be able to analyse what is sensible and what not. In the end, knowledge is what can change our world not certain idea or standards.


Stefan Sagmeister: How happy are you?

heirachy of needs

Hierarchy of needs

Rant over. I had no idea why I would spend so much time writing an essay about this. But I guess i need to get it out of my system so this will be the last time! From now on, I will ignore the comment section on any media, I am not going to waste my time on it, even though sometimes I find them amusing. Bye comment section!